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Meet Beard and Lady

Beard and Lady was started by Lance and Lacey Hendrix as an apothecary inspired personal care and grooming product line.  The company has expanded to renovate a historic hotel and develop a "mercantile" styled storefront to carry its products, providing a unique Ozark experience.  Lacey grew up in the Boston Mountain region of the Ozarks and is returning home to her roots. The female owned company started after Beard and Lady suggested to friend's Rhett and Link a need for a beard oil and lip balm. 

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Amazing experience back in time.


Loved the geniune Ozark Experience.

Tom Smith

Wonderfully decorated, comfortable, and in a beautiful Ozark setting

Janus Richards


411 E. Front Ave.
Chester, Arkansas

Phone: 919-971-0059

Open:  Summer 2021

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