Overview: Rooms

At our restored 1887 Hotel, we offer 11 cozy guest rooms furnished in time period decor. At the Beard and Lady Inn, we always look for the opportunity to look below the mundane and tap into the extraordinary. Each of our rooms is subtly designed around a theme: a common fear or experience that humans share. 

We invite you to choose the room that speaks to your spirit, and let your curiosity lead the way. Explore the rooms below and select “Book Now” to make your direct reservation through our site.

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Room 1 - Writer's Block 

Room 2 - Rosy's Room

Room 3 - Aging

Room 4 - Childhood Fears

Room 5 - Honey Room


Room 6 - Fear of Missing Out

Room 7 - Geisha


Room 8 - Being Alone 

Room 9 - Wild Wild West Suite


Room 10 - Middle East


Room 11 - Black & White Commitment Suite


View of Entry w/Staircase:

View of Upstairs Hallway: