Frequently Asked Questions


1. How big are your rooms?

Our rooms range in size from two twin beds to a single king bed and two queen beds. Most rooms are designed to comfortably host 1-2 people, while three of our rooms can accommodate up to 4 adults. Room 10 and 11 can be combined to accommodate up to 4 guests and includes a private bathroom. Room 3 and 4 can be combined to accommodate up to 4 guests. These rooms must be booked separately in two different bookings.  Room 9 has two queen beds and can accommodate up to 4 guests and has its own kitchenette. We advise booking these one after the other on the same days. If you need to accommodate a larger group, please contact us at info@beardandladyinn.com so that we can create a custom arrangement for you.

2. What’s included in our stay?

Each room offers both heat and air, luxury linens, access to shower, complementary soap and hair care from our Apothecary Shop, and access to our coffee bar, outdoor deck and seating, and grill. A breakfast is available for a low cost. You can see all of our amenities here.

3. Has the hotel been restored?

Over a century of floods, fires, and general wear and tear left the hotel (originally called The Chester House Inn) in need of repair. Lance and Lacey Hendrix bought the hotel in 2020 from its previous owners, renovated all of its 10,000 square feet, and renamed it The Beard and Lady Inn. The main structure is still in its original form, and all decor respects the hotel’s historic roots.

4. Is the hotel kid-friendly?

While children aged 12+ may enjoy the atmosphere and activities of the hotel, our bed and breakfast isn’t designed for young children. 

5. Can I bring my cat/poodle/bearded dragon?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our historic hotel. However, Chester’s local pet boarder (https://www.chesterchoiceboarding.com) is both affordable and two minutes away from the Inn.

6. What’s there to do in the area?

Our hotel is planted in the heart of the Ozarks, where guests can step right back into the past. Whether you’re one for nature, history, paranormal activity, or mountain town charm, The Inn will not disappoint. Click here to see our guests-only events and our recommendations for exploring the area. Things to Do

Booking & Guest Services

1. Do you book guests through your site or through a third party?

Currently, we have four ways to book a room in addition to directly emailing us at info@beardandladyinn.com if you need to discuss a special situation or event.

1.  Book Directly - Book on our website through our direct booking search engine (avoids third-party fees)

2. AirBnb- You can book through AirBnb. There will be extra fees. If you don't have an account it is easy to sign up for one.  

3. VRBO - You can book the entire hotel (11 rooms) through VRBO. There will be extra fees. If you don't have an account it is easy to sign up for one.  

4. Booking.com - You can book through Booking.com there will be extra fees. If you don't have an account it is easy to sign up for one.  

2. What if I have to cancel my booking?

On each listing, you can see our full cancellation policy, but generally you must cancel in advance of the day.  Event cancellation must be done a month in advance for a full refund. All bookings will have a $75 hold for accidentals. For large bookings there is a $500 refundable deposit.

3. I’m a guest, and I need some assistance. Who should I call?

You can email us at info@beardandladyinn.com, message us on Facebook, or call us at (479) 997-5469.

4. What time is checkout/check-in?

Guests are invited to check-in between 3 PM to 9 PM CST, and must check out by 11 AM CST, unless a late checkout has been previously arranged.

5. What time is breakfast served?

The continental breakfast will be available upon request. Please let us know in advance if you want to book a meal. To reserve a dinner at our restaurant, click on Restaurant or Reserve a Table on our website and call (479) 997-5469

6. How do I purchase a train ticket?

We invite all of our guests to take in the glory of the Ozarks by train. You can purchase a train ticket on the A&M railroad here. 

7. What other guest experiences do you offer?

Look on our website and the inn's foyer for the latest guest experiences. You can peruse the Apothecary Shop Monday through Saturday. All guests can participate in the postcard project, or pose for an antique tintype portrait during any stay.


1. What kinds of events do you host?

We’re happy to host any event, from live music and open mic nights to murder mystery parties, baby showers, and small weddings. For more information, click here.

2. Do you host weddings?

Yes! Our dining hall can seat 75 inside plus has an outdoor eating area.  Our convention hall can seat 75 and has a stage. We are a lovely location for intimate betrothals and receptions plus we can host weddings of 125 outdoors. You can schedule a tour of our venue here.

3. Can you accommodate special diets?

With advanced notice, we can accommodate most special diets for event and room guests. Please note that our kitchen procures a wide range of fare, and we cannot ensure zero contamination of allergens for those with food allergies.

4. Do you cater your events?

Yes - we offer optional in-house catering for all of our events through our restaurant.  Please contact us if you want catering for an event (479) 997-5469.

5. Do you require a deposit to reserve your venue?

Once you decide that the Beard and Lady Inn is the perfect venue for your unique event, we may secure your contract with a deposit. 


1. Where are you located?

Our address is 411 E. Front Ave., Chester, Arkansas 272934

2. What’s the best way to contact you?

Upon the booking, each guest will receive contact information for urgent guest needs. All other inquiries can be submitted through our email address (info@beardandladyinn.com, or by calling (479) 997-5469 .

3. Is the hotel handicap accessible?

The downstairs area is handicap accessible, but the upstairs is not.  It is a building built in the 1880s, so the stairs are narrow and somewhat steep to get to the second floor. 

4. Is the hotel smoke-free?

Our hotel is 100% smoke-free.

5. I’ve heard that I can only access the hotel by train. Is that true?

While that may have been true a century ago, you can now access the hotel by historic train or in the comfort of your own modern vehicle.

6. Is The Inn really haunted?

Over the last 130+ years, our hotel has withstood fires and floods, hosted a famous WWII brothel, and been the location of repeated ghost sightings. Because of its supernatural activity, rich past, beautiful aesthetic, The Beard and Lady Inn has been the setting of Hollywood films. You can read our spooky history here.

"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. And Lo, no one was there." This quote was carved into a mantle of another historic Inn. I first read it the night that my husband proposed to me. I have learned and lived by this. When fear creeps up and knocks I muster all my courage, sometimes I am still really scared.  However, I have found that when I simply open the door by faith, darkness, and fear are dispelled. This has taught me so many lessons, but one big one is that we are haunted by many things. We are terrified of what someone may say about us on the internet, the opinions of our neighbors, befriending a stranger, we worry about our children or even having children as well as growing old.

These fears are not a physical monster on on the other side of the wall or walking down the hall, but they are ideas that we let hide in our minds that we allow to keep us scared.  Here at the Beard and Lady Inn we have decorated our rooms inspired by fears we have faced or are overcoming. We ask each guest to join us bravely. One of the ways I have faced my own fear is simply by saying it out loud, writing it down or even confessing to a friend. While you stay we ask that depending on your room you would dive into the full experience with us. Each room will have a writing prompt. Please be prepared for our ask of sending a letter or post card. Sounds scary right? Are you ready to be totally freaked out?....... Leave your phone at the door and face your inner fears.

7. How do I get to The Inn?

From Fort Smith, take Hwy 40 E to Hwy 49 N and take exit 34 and go north into Chester.  From Bentonville/Rogers/Fayetteville, take Hwy 49 S and take exit 34 and go north into Chester.  From Little Rock, take Hwy 40 W to Hwy 49 N and take exit 34 and go north into Chester.