Convention Hall & Stage

The Convention Hall is a 2,200 sq. ft. space that includes the 700 sq. ft. apothecary shop/mercantile store.  The hall provides 1,500 sq. ft. of space to host weddings, events, and conferences. A 10X12 foot stage is included with speakers, subwoofer, microphones, and a Yamaha 16MGXU 16-channel mixer that can facilitate speaking and small musical performances. The hall is lined with original wooden merchandise shelving shipped by rail from St. Louis in 1887 and has hard wood floors. The room is lit with vintage style lighting and has twenty windows for additional natural lighting. The hall has three entrances, the front door opens through the apothecary shop, the side door was the original saloon door, and the back door opens directly to the back covered bridge and rock bridge.  The saloon door makes an excellent bridal entrance and a wedding party can take wonderful pictures at the bridges. 

  • 4 hours - $350 (weekday) $500 (Friday to Saturday) - Ex: Business meeting
  • 24 hours - $1,500 - Ex: Wedding
Please use Contact Us to further discuss convention hall and stage bookings, includes use of projector and screen.