Inn Activities

Escape the Ordinary: The Beard and Lady Inn gives guests the opportunity to travel back in time and discover 19th century life in the Ozarks.

B&L Inn Experiences

Experiences at The Inn

The Beard and Lady Inn is more than a hotel. This 19th century bed and breakfast is a historic pillar in a mountain town rampaged by fire, flood, and war. We believe that immersive experiences are the best way to learn about history, nature, and ourselves. 

Ride the A&M Railroad

Once a crucial part of regional transport and economy, the 1882-built A&M railroad is a cornerstone of Arkansas history. Today, travelers can ride this winding railway through the mist of the Ozark Mountains for unforgettable views. Featured in multiple Hollywood films, this history train flies right past our beloved inn.

For train reservations, schedules, and to purchase tickets, visit or call 800-687-8600 or 479-725-4017

Tintype Photo Portraits

A popular art form of the 19th century, tintype photography has captured harrowing scenes of the Civil War and the Wild West. Today, guests of the Inn can sit for their own tintype portrait in our historic hotel. Guests can easily book their own antique portrait upon booking their stay.

Vintage Postcards

The Beard and Lady Inn is reviving the age-old practice of letter writing. Pick up a vintage postcard at the front desk, and pop in the old post office next door to send it to your beau. Guests are encouraged to write themselves a postcard and ship it before departing, so that they can receive a creative reminder of their stay upon arriving home.

Shop the Apothecary

Peruse our mercantile shop for the elixir that suits you. With our own line of skincare and grooming products and a range of local goods, you’re sure to find something that awakens the your inner explorer.

Want to sneak a peek inside the Apothecary? Shop here.

 Craftsmanship Workshops

Discover your newest hobby with our rotating classes and workshops. From candlemaking to foraging, we’re bringing age-old traditions to the modern day here at The Beard and Lady Inn. Guests can book one of our workshops upon booking their stay.