Room 5 - Honey Room - QR


This Room’s Theme

Each of our 11 guest rooms is designed around a common fear or human experience. We took out a hive of bees that had made a very large home inside the floor of this room that we now affectionately call the "honey" room, This room is decorated with velvet teal curtains, simple furniture, and portraits of women. It was inspired by my travels to Turkey.  Lance and I were once on a hike in Turkey and came across a beekeeper. We did not share a common language, but it did not stop him from being generous. He gladly insisted we tried his bee's honey. This moment in time created a deep memory for me.  My time in Turkey taught me many lessons on generosity, how to be a good host and to be thankful for the simple sweet things in life   * Beware! You will be challenged with the task of writing a post card or letter and sending it to someone.