Room 1 - Writer's Block - QR

This Room’s Theme

Each of our 11 guest rooms is designed around a common fear or human experience. Located at the front corner of the building, the Writer's Block Room is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for windows of inspiration. With fun creative decor and a typewriter, the Writer's Block Room is perfect for 1-2 guests looking to unplug and look within to get into a creative flow.

The Writer's Block Room is based on the concept of stifled creativity and lack of a clear direction. It reminds us that every writer (or artist) sometimes feels uninspired or stuck, and a fresh environment can be the best remedy. The artist inside of us all wants to flow with creative purpose and this room is a reminder to pause and remember that life ebbs and flows. We can all be creative if we give the time and space to create and innovate.

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