Overview: Wedding and Special Events

Make your event unforgettable. Host your wedding or event at our 1887 bed and breakfast.

From supernatural sightings to Hollywood films, the Beard and Lady Inn has been the setting for memorable events over the last century. 

Now fully restored, this historic hotel offers modern comforts while preserving its iconic 19th century architecture. Our renovated convention hall and stage serves as a unique location for small to medium sized weddings, live music, open mic nights, murder mystery dinners, and more.

Entire Inn

Rent the entire historic Beard and Lady Inn for your event, enjoy a meal, and stay the night! Use the stage, sound equipment, projector, as well as the patio and grounds for your event plans. Entire Inn package includes the Convention Hall & Stage (seats 75), Dining Hall (seats 75), all 11 Guest Rooms (sleeps 24) and Patio and Grounds (75+ events). We have our own catering service through our restaurant which we highly recommend, but you are also able to use the kitchen for basic catering food prep. Please use Contact Us to further discuss entire hotel bookings and special events as the prices below are approximate and we can provide a customized quote for your event.

  • 24 hours - $4,000 - All spaces
  • 24 hours - $3,000 - Includes All Rooms, Dining Hall, Patio/Grounds (Excludes Convention Hall & Stage) - Ex: Wedding on grounds or at another location with rehearsal Dinner on site 
  • 24 hours - $3,000 - Includes All Rooms, Convention Hall & Stage, Patio/Grounds (Excludes Dining Hall) - Ex: Wedding in hall or on grounds, rehearsal dinner on grounds or another location
  • 24 hours - $2,000 - Includes All Rooms, Convention Hall & Stage (Excludes Dining Hall and Patio/Grounds) - Ex: Wedding in hall only, rehearsal dinner at another location
  • 24 hours - $2,000 - Includes All Rooms and Dining Hall (Excludes Convention Hall and Patio/Grounds) - Ex: Wedding at another location, rehearsal dinner in Dining hall only
  • 24 hours - $2,000 - Includes All Rooms Rooms with Patio/Grounds (Excludes Dining Hall and Convention Hall) - Ex: Outdoor wedding and rehearsal dinner on grounds only or at another location
  • Additional nights of only 11 guest rooms - $1500/night

Wedding Packages

Example Package 1 Night Stay: 24 people plus all spaces

  • Price: $4000 
  • Arrive 12 PM on Saturday for setup and have wedding in afternoon or evening with reception, stay the night, Sunday morning wake up and depart by Noon

Book Wedding Package 1 Here

Example Package 2 Night Stay: 24 people plus all spaces

  • Price: $2000 + $4000 = $6000
  • Arrive 12 PM on Friday for setup and rehearsal dinner, Stay 1st night, Saturday morning setup, conduct wedding, evening reception and stay the second night on Saturday, and depart by Noon Sunday 
  • 24 hours runs from 12 PM check-in to 12 PM check-out
  • Receptions are ideal in the Convention Hall or Patio as chairs can be more easily moved. Above prices are only for spaces.  Catering is an additional fee. 

Rooms and Suites



Book Directly: See entire room listing and individual room listings and book by dates (Less Fees)

AirBnB Instead: See entire room listing and individual room listings and book by dates

VRBO Instead:  Book all rooms on VRBO

  • Book all 11 rooms - $1500
  • Renting rooms range from $85 to $120
  • Suites range from $175 to $225

Convention Hall and Stage

  • 4 hours - $350 (weekday) $500 (Friday to Saturday) - Ex: Business meeting
  • 24 hours - $1,500 - Ex: Wedding
  • Includes speakers, microphone, projector with screen, and mixing board
Please use Contact Us to further discuss convention hall and stage bookings.

Dining Hall

  • 4 hours - $500 - Example: Business meeting
  • 24 hours - $1,000 - Example: Rehearsal dinner
Please use Contact Us to further discuss dining hall bookings. In addition, we offer a catering service through our restaurant, but using our catering service is not mandatory.

Grounds and Patio

  • 4 hours - $350 (weekday) $500 (Friday to Saturday) - Ex: Business meeting
  • 24 hours - $1,000 - Ex: Wedding
Please use Contact Us to further discuss grounds and patio bookings.  There is a large space of land in the back of the hotel which is great for a large outdoor event.  It is next to the creek, a rock bridge, and small covered bridge.  The green space is suitable for 100+ person event. 
Prices on the website are approximate and prices are subject to change until final customized quote.

Bride/Groom Room: Recommended room for brides and grooms

Room 11: The Black & White Commitment Room is our recommendation for newly married couples. Furnished with a luxurious king bed, black and white decor, and whimsical antique touches, the Black & White Commitment Room is the perfect place to retire after your guests have clinked their last glasses