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Homegrown Native Foods restaurant is located on the first floor of the Beard and Lady Inn in the 1,500+ square foot dining hall.  The restaurant has seating for up to 75 guests and has an additional open air outdoor patio space. The restaurant is reservation only with most dinners accommodating 6 to 24 guests. All three-course set menu dinners are a set fee that includes taxes and gratuity

In addition to reservation-only dinners, larger catering events can also be scheduled. If scheduling a private or catered meal event please contact: homegrownnativefoods@gmail.com and info@beardandladyinn.com

Meet the Chefs and Owners of Homegrown Native Foods:​

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Inspired by the beauty and delicious flavors of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas River Valley, Timothy Hammer II and Nena Evans established Homegrown Native Foods in November 2021 to showcase the uniqueness of our region through exciting culinary creations. Tim and Nena have a passion to support local farm economy by working directly with farmers in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley and supporting organic farm practices.

Built on the seasonality of our local region, the menu changes monthly to reflect the ongoing changes in ingredient availability. To reduce food waste, there is a set menu each night; vegan, gluten-free, and dietary-restricted options are available upon request at time of reservation. For every dish, ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. 

To ensure the continuation of these foods, we work with our local farms to protect and conserve their native habitatsBy dining at Homegrown Native foods, you are choosing foods that are more flavorful, higher in nutrient density, and more ecologically sound, while also supporting our local farms. 

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Phone: 501-366-3862

Email: homegrownnativefoods@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homegrownnativefoods/