Top 7 Haunted Places in Arkansas

Arkansas has several haunted locations and these are seven of the top haunted places in the state.

7. Peel Mansion, 312 N. Main St., Bentonville - Circa 1875

Haunted by owners Samuel Peel and his daughter Minnie Belle.  Samuel was a US Congressman and he is said to be seen in numerous points in the mansion.  Minnie has been seen in white in the home walking around and playing the piano.  If you enter the room the piano will cease from playing.

6. Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville

A mumbling man is said to speak, make noises, and walk on the catwalk in the auditorium of the high school when no one is in the room.

5. The Clayton House, 514 N. 6th Street, Fort Smith

Once the home of William Henry Harrison Clayton it is said that doors slam and boots stomp on the second floor along with music coming from rooms.  There has also been sightings of a female ghost dressed in a linen shirt and brown skirt in the study. Around 2008, a carpenter working on the house took pictures while doing repairs and a woman appeared in one of the photos. Paranormal researchers have recorded electronic voice phenomenon of a man shouting obscenities, another saying the name Anna, and another sounding like a meowing cat. One woman has reported feeling her hair being tugged by an invisible force.

4. Basin Park Hotel, Eureka Springs - Circa 1905

A young female ghost with blue eyes and blonde hair, a ghost of a young girl with a yellow dress and pigtails, orbs of light, and objects moving on there own have all been witnessed in the hotel.

3. The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs - Circa 1886

A Victorian hotel at the highest point in Carroll County which has multiple ghosts where visitors report unexplained activity in some of the rooms of the hotel with one ghost photographed in room 202.  It has also been reported that guests have reported seeing full bodied ghosts, hearing noises, and feeling strange body sensations in room 218 where an Irish stonemason fell from the roof and died in 1885. The property once was a respite for cancer patients and a ghostly nurse has been viewed pushing a gurney down the hall and through a solid wall. Some have seen a middle-aged man with a mustache in the bar area or sitting in the lobby.

2. The Beard and Lady Inn, Chester - Circa 1887

The first haunting is a male presence named Clarence who froze to death on the balcony of room four after becoming intoxicated at the formerly adjoining Butler's Saloon. Footsteps have been heard wandering through the building in the middle of the night.  Passersby and train riders have reported seeing two ghostly women named Ruby and Pearl dressed in old fashioned clothing waving in their direction from the second floor of the hotel.  It is claimed that Ruby and Pearl were ladies of the night when the hotel was a bordello/brothel between WWI and WWII. 

1. The Allen House, Monticello - Circa 1906

This 8,000 square foot house is haunted by the former owner Joe Allen and his daughter LaDell who is believed to have committed suicide by cyanide in the home. The home was converted to apartments and this is when the reports of sightings began. A disbelieving doctor who lived in the home started to believe after developing photographs taken in the house which revealed a clear view of LaDell in the mirror. A past tenet claimed seeing LaDell's ghost inside a closet and after closing the door heard giggling, others claimed to hear crying from empty rooms. One of the floors was a retail shop and the store manager would notice items missing when returning to work in the morning. Rebecca and Mark Spencer live in the private residence and have written a book on the occurrences called “A Haunted Love Story: The Ghosts of the Allen House”.

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