Herb of the Month: Lavender!

Although best known as a shade of purple (due to the color of its blooms), the herb, Lavender, has become a mainstay in many North American herb gardens. Not only does its essence provide a calming, sedative effect that aids relaxation, Lavender is used to treat a ton of ailments! Depressed? Take a whiff of Lavender when you feel blue! Scraped knee? Put a little Lavender oil on a cotton ball, dab it all over that scraped knee (of course, repeat as necessary), and be amazed by how quickly and completely that scrape heals!! Menstruation cramps or a stress headache? Put 3-4 drops of Lavender in hot bath water and have a nice long (or short) soak; as you allow the hot water to loosen your tight muscles, simply inhale deeply and exhale fully…positivity in….negativity out….and revel in the scent of Lavender and its ability to transport you to tranquility! The list of issues Lavender helps with goes on and on - so we heartily encourage readers to read all about Lavender for a more complete list of its health benefits (it also has numerous uses for cleaning and dried lavender is often used in cooking and deodorizing, too) - then head to Beard and Lady Mercantile in Chester, AR to supply all your Lavender needs (locally grown and sourced Lavender, no less)!!


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