Bedlam at Beard and Lady

Well, folks, the 1st season of Beard and Lady Inn Murder Mystery Dinners has come to a close. With bittersweet sentiment (meaning, we’ll bitterly miss their sweetness), we say “good-bye for now” to the cast and crew of “Bedlam at Beard and Lady Inn.” If you’ve seen this professionally produced masterpiece by Kendee Hughes Productions, written by the comedic powerhouse Chuck King, directed by the oh-so-talented and creative Jessye King, catered by southern cuisine king Michael Moore, and performed by The 6ft Climb - an extraordinarily gifted acting  troupe that specializes in dinner theatre, then I don’t need to tell you how much we’ve enjoyed hosting this bunch!

If you missed seeing “Bedlam at Beard and Lady Inn,” well, that really should be considered a crime, but I suppose you missing out on all the raucous fun and good-humored hilarity is a punishment all on its own. Poor you. You didn’t meet notorious gunslingers, like the fiery and fabulous Belle Starr or the good-hearted and good-humored Jesse James; you weren’t privy to the troubles that plagued lovely ladies like Kate, Dinah, and Sallee; you didn’t get to hear Tolson’s booming voice ring out; you weren’t invited to revival by Miss Penny Costel; you haven’t really seen the charm of Chester at all; and you missed some finger-lickin’ good food and mouthwatering desserts. Sigh. Poor you. Maybe you’ll be better prepared to embrace the interactive dinner theatre experience this Spring?!

Stay tuned, folks! We’re working hard to bring you new mysteries to solve and new opportunities for fun, frivolity, and friendship! Until then, check out “Bedlam at Beard and Lady Inn” VIPS Tim and Krystalla.


Now, tell me that ain’t the hottest couple in the Wild West?!



to all the unnamed folks who tirelessly worked and volunteered to make this 1st Season of Murder Mysteries an outstanding success - y’all deserve a standing ovation for showing up and showing out so splendidly - Beard and Lady Inn thanks you, from ground floor to rooftop, for all the lovely memories and good energy you left behind!! 

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