Beard and Lady Inn on The Crawford County Quilt Trail

The Beard and Lady is on the Crawford County Quilt trail.  There are trails across Arkansas where you can view hand painted quilt patterns viewing beautiful Arkansas architecture and features.  Each pattern has meaning related to Arkansas and its history.  The Inn has been included with it quilt block called Blackberry Jelly created by Staci Ravenkamp. 


Excerpt from The black berry has made these Ozark hills and valleys its home before the small community of Chester found a place to settle and grow. We chose the blackberry as it resonates with the heart of resilience that the people of Chester embody. Even though the berry can be difficult to reach for, its sweet fruit is worth the effort. The Chester Hotel echoes the same song throughout history. Withstanding age and time, storms and fires, it has remained a symbol of the community that we hope will continue to give back in abundance just like the blackberry bush. As a community we will celebrate together the hard work of one another and continue to enjoy the sweet things our home propagates so generously. May the blackberry remind us that the hard work to gather, seek, and find the best fruit is always worth the effort when sharing that sweet jam with those around a table for all to enjoy. 

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